Σημεία πώλησης της MetroCard

MetroCard Vending Machine

You can buy or add money to MetroCard at a MetroCard Vending Machine. MVMs are fast and easy to use.

The larger machines accept cash, credit cards or ATM/debit cards. The small MetroCard Vending Machines are for credit cards or ATM/debit cards only. They do not accept cash.

All you have to do to get started is touch the vending-machine screen. The screen will ask you what type of MetroCard you want and take you through the steps to buy it.

You can buy

  • MetroCard from $5.50 to $80
  • 7-Day or 30-Day Unlimited Pass
  • 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard

A SingleRide ticket costs $3.00 and is available for cash only at the large vending machines. The SingleRide ticket is good for a subway or bus trip only within two hours of purchase. It gives you a free bus-to-bus transfer but you don’t get a free transfer between subway and bus.

More about MVMs

  • $1 fee applies to each new MetroCard purchase. Fee does not apply to card refills or Reduced-Fare MetroCards.
  • Large MetroCard Vending Machines accept cash and can only return up to $9 in change. The change given includes dollar coins, not bills.
  • You can request a receipt when you finish your purchase. It’s always a good idea to request one or make note of the MVM number in case you have a question later.
  • If there’s a problem during your purchase, the MVM will automatically dispense a receipt. Be sure to keep it for proof of your transaction – it lists the machine number and the date.
  • Reduced-Fare MetroCard customers can add money or unlimited rides to their cards at MetroCard Vending Machines.
  • MetroCard Vending Machines meet all requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act. An audio feature is available for the visually impaired; headsets are necessary for use. The machines can be used by those who read Braille.
  • When a credit card is used at an MVM, the MVM will ask you to enter your zip code for verification.  However, if your credit card account has a billing address outside of the United States, you are not subject to the zip code verification requirement.  Instead, type in “99999” when prompted for a zip code.  This will indicate to the MVM that an international credit card is being used, and the regular transaction authorization process will still take place.

Buying MetroCard at a subway station booth

  • Agents sell all cards
  • Cash only
  • $50 bills accepted on purchases of $30 or more.
  • $100 bills accepted on purchases of $70 or more.
  • New Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard minimum purchase is $5.50; $80 maximum purchase.
  • $1 fee applies to each new MetroCard purchase. Fee does not apply to card refills or Reduced-Fare MetroCards.

The MetroCard Bus

Each month, the MetroCard Bus travels around the five boroughs, making regularly scheduled stops at senior citizen centers, shopping centers, and along major bus routes. See schedule information below.

You can take care of all your MetroCard business at the MetroCard Bus, whether it’s applying for or refilling a Reduced-Fare MetroCard, buying or refilling a regular MetroCard, or asking a MetroCard-related question. And, you’ll get prompt, attentive service, right in your own neighborhood.

Call (718) 330-1234 for more information.

The MetroCard Bus/Van Locations

The MetroCard Van

Like the MetroCard Bus, the MetroCard Van travels around the five boroughs. Helpful staff on board will sell Unlimited Ride MetroCard and Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard, and add money to your MetroCard or Reduced-Fare MetroCard.

Call (718) 330-1234 for more information.

The MetroCard Bus/Van Locations

MetroCard Merchant Locator

Now You can locate a MetroCard Merchant near your home or job.


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