Feast is a seasonal American restaurant that offers a modern interpretation to the traditional dinner party in a rustic, warm, and inviting space.

Chef Christopher Meenan, formerly Chef de cuisine of Veritas, teams up with owner Brian Ghaw of Savoy Bakery in East Harlem, to create a concept devoted to the act of feasting.  Both Meenan and Ghaw agree that their favorite meals are culinary experiences where they and their friends are able to share their food and conversations with one another in a relaxed atmosphere.  Partnering with area farms and purveyors, the kitchen team explores an array of ingredients and cooking techniques to create seasonal themed menus for everyone to enjoy.

From conception to execution, feast combines Chris’ culinary talent with Brian’s sense of hospitality to create a restaurant that allows people to taste carefully crafted dishes and intricate flavors in a welcoming ambiance.

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